Jubilee plans

Time has come to reveal some secrets about this year’s festival plans, and since it is the 5th jubilee edition, a lot will happen during almost the whole week!

Despite the change of the festival date, which was this year set for 21-26 July 2015, of course the concept remained the same. We would like to inspire and interest, especially young people, with contemporary creation in different fields of art based on the wealth of nations’ and ethnic groups’ cultural traditions.

 This year we expect visitors from 15 countries. The list of invited participants includes dance and vocal ensembles as well as groups of young volunteers from partner organizations from 30 countries: ARMENIA, ALGERIA, AZERBAIJAN, BULGARIA, BAHRAIN, BELARUS, CHINA, THE CZECH REPUBLIC, ESTONIA, FRANCE, GREECE, GEORGIA, SPAIN, THE NETHERLANDS, LEBANON, LITHUANIA, LATVIA, MOLDOVA, MOZAMBIQUE, GERMANY, PALESTINE, RUSSIA, SLOVAKIA, SWEDEN, TURKEY, UKRAINE, UNITED KINGDOM, HUNGARY, ITALY AND POLAND. A total of 300 foreign participants are planned and 200 from different regions of Poland.

This year’s program of Folk Inspirations will as always be full of various forms of educational and competition activities and artistic expression. As for now, we can only tell you that the planned concerts, street dance shows and performances, music projects, GOLD BOAT competitions: dance, vocal, photo and design, workshops and educational activities, fashion show and exhibitions will be focused around the following topics:


We believe that thanks to the 5th Jubilee Folk Inspirations will become the largest event of its kind in Poland, attended by 4000 people: young people from 15 countries of the world and the festival audience. So, plan your summer holidays carefully, not to miss this incredible event!

Dear guests, artists, residents of the city of Lodz and the Lodz region we very much count on your presence!