Another day of the Festival began with ”Folk Inspirations in the 20th Century Fashion” workshops for children and youth in Central Museum of Textiles – White Factory.  Having visited the museum foreign representations  arrived to take part in the opening of ”5 Years of Folk Inspirations – rundown on Festival achievements” photography exhibition. The representations also participated in the vernissage of the works of the laureates of this year’s edition of ”Golden Boat Photo Competition”. The audience was astonished at many works, especially those bringing  back memories of the former editions of the Festival. Another attraction of the forenoon was the meeting with a great lover of hiking in the Beskid, a traveller – Bartłomiej Zgorzelski. Our guest through his stories managed to prove that travelling your own country or the world is not just the way of spending free time but a great opportunity to getting to know different cultures.

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Everybody moved to Art Inkubator after the lunch break where it was time for Folk Design. Following the short visiting of the cultural centre the opening exhibition of the winners of ”2015 Golden Boat Design Competition” took place. During the meeting with Polish designers from AZE DESIGN studio and Italian-Greek duet of designers from ENTROPIKA studio, artists told us about finding inspiration to realizing modern projects. Throughout the whole event there were unique pieces of craftwork available to buy made by the young artists (purses, jewellery, gadgets).

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Łódź Dance Folk at White Factory – a great dance show, which was definitely the high point  of the day. Four groups from Ukraine were warming the public up to dance: BARVINOK, FLAMINGO, PERVOCVIT, DEBIUT. Lodz townspeople, delighted by the show moved with the performers to Manufaktura to see the Georgian-Polish-Ukrainian spectacle called “Inspirations – from Tradition to Modernity”, which was originally to take place the day before but was postponed due to the bad weather conditions