“We will build a house” The Gala Concert.

  Folk Inspirations Gala Concert is behind us! We have met yesterday at guest hall of Wytwórnia the club. Lively sounds of the Mazurka came out of the speakers and Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Kalina from Domaniewice, Poland, run into the stage with a dancing skip. Our international festival takes place in Poland, so it is suitable to greet the audience with the polish folk dance. When the last measures of the Mazurka quietened, Sylwia Bartosik, who was leading this colourful evening together with £ukasz Siemi¹tkowski, came into the stage and started with sentimental sentence about the fact that eight festival days are behind us… Yes, dears, it has been so many days since our first meeting… It is the time to remind us all of our wonderful participants and the opportunity for it was the gala concert titled “Zbudujemy dom” (“We will build a house”). Dance groups and vocal groups were performing on the stage one after another. The ones who began were Sviatki from Belarus, and after this the Georgians presented their vibrant dance, then the Turks, who were colourfully dressed in their folk costumes, caused a volley of applause with their performance. The audience awarded every performance with loud applause and the title song “Zbudujemy dom” (“We will build a house”) was taken up by everyone.


Among the spectators there was I.a. Łódź’s voivode Jolanta Chełmińska, the show was also watched by city councilwoman Małgorzata Bartosiak and the headmistress of Łódź’s Music Theatre Grażyna Posmykiewicz. The great applause and the proof of sympathy was received by the organiser and headmaster of the festival, who was invited to the stage – the head of Julian Tuwim Youth Centre in Łódź, Adam Kocher.

Impatiently we have been waiting for the announcement of the results of Golden Boat 2015 competition. Here are the results.  -

The big winners of this year’s Golden Boat 2015 competition in the category of song and dance, and in the same time the winners of Grand Prix V International Festival of Youth Creativity “Folk Inspirations” turned out to be amazing
Narodowy  Zespół  Tańca  Ukrainy  „Barvinok”

DSC_8761 DSC_8832 IMGP6181 IMGP6207

After the announcement of the laureates of Boats there were performances of further  groups, among them the groups from China and Ukraine were greeted eagerly. In the end all of the performers and participants sang the festival song, which in this year was the song of the band Enej – “We will build a house”.

DSC_9989DSC_0030 DSC_0129

  The day full of excitement came to an end with dance for the participants of the festival, where the languages, culture and colourful costumes have mixed because everyone were having fun together, no matter where they came from and what impression will they take home from distant Poland. The last event of the Festival is ahead of us – today we invite everyone to Poleski Piknik Folkowy in front of the Youth Centre on Wyszyńskiego 86 St., but before we say goodbye, we offer you lots of attractions – a fair of the cultures and nationalities, games from different parts of the World and also big exterior concert!

Be with us until the end!